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Riverside Staff Runs for "Color Me Rad"

Color Me Rad and the Staff of Riverside Health and Rehab

As if the grins on our faces didn't say it enough, we wanted to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you in Hartford who made today a RAD 1st Birthday Party for "Color Me Rad- Hartford."

We want to give a meaty hug and a big thanks as well to all of our volunteers who made it happen because there is no way we could pull it off without them.  A ton of them were provided by our charity partner, the YMCA of Downtown Hartford, so thank you for the support.

But the heroes of the day were definitely the East Hartford Fire Department who quickly tended to a medical emergency when one of our fellow runners went down with a seizure and suffered cardiac arrest. They were on the spot and were able to revive him and deserve our respect and appreciation for being our first responders. 

Also, thank you to the nurses and doctor who happened to be running by at the time and were able to help until the Fire Department arrived.  We had to keep a bunch of you waiting in anticipation at the start line while they tended to him but we really appreciate both their work and your patience so that everyone walked away from the race safe and RAD.

Finally, a huge thanks to our friends at Rentschler Field who have assured us that next year we'll be able to get RAD with you for 2 days of running so that all your friends who missed out this year can join us for the party.

Thanks again and we'll see those multi-colored mugs of yours in 2014....or in Providence if you're down for road-tripping with the color carnival.

For more information, visit http://www.colormerad.com/about.htmlon the web.