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Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Designated as an Alternative COVID-19 Recovery Facility

Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center designated as an alternative recovery unit to assist in treating and caring for COVID-19 positive patients.

The Center began admitting patients on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. In cooperation with the State of Connecticut and the Department of Health, the Center has been designated an Alternative COVID-19 Recovery Facility to serve COVID-19 positive patients who require continued medical care and support after hospital discharge. As an Alternative COVID-19 Recovery Facility, Riverside will have access to higher levels of care and services in order to treat residents with increased needs.

To protect the safety and ensure peace of mind for current Riverside residents and their families, all residents not exhibiting symptoms or who are not already COVID-19 positive will be transferred to non-COVID designated floors. Long term residents who have tested positive will be housed together. All transfers will be made before COVID-19 positive patients from area hospitals are admitted to the Center. Dedicated clinical staff have been selected to care for COVID-19 positive patients. These staff members will not care for patients on other units. The 5th-floor of the Center will serve as the initial designated unit, expanding to include the 4th-floor unit C and unit D by the end of the week. The strictest safety protocols and procedures outlined by state and local health organizations are being followed during this time, and state officials are providing support and resources needed to ensure the safety of all Riverside residents.

“While these are certainly very challenging times for everyone working to care for our seniors in the midst of this pandemic, we are grateful that we have both the staff and internal resources to provide this important service to our community. The dedication and excellence of our staff are what make a smooth and safe transition possible for our existing residents, as well as the new COVID-19 positive patients we will be admitting. We want to assure all Riverside residents and families that patient safety is our top priority,” said Administrator, Karen Chadderton at Riverside.

Riverside provides a range of specialized services and programs including clinical care, physical, occupational and speech therapies, in addition to social services and recreational therapy. Riverside is an affiliate of National Health Care Associates, a leader in short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care services throughout the Northeast.

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