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Story of Hope & COVID-19 Recovery

When James arrived at Riverside to begin his short-term rehabilitation, he had already been hospitalized for five weeks and spent 28 days on a ventilator.

As he describes, “I went to the hospital by ambulance, and it wasn’t until five weeks later that I realized what was happening.” James had tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced complex medical issues as a result of the virus. “It was as if I went around a corner, walked into a brick wall, and then came to. I was terribly sick.”

After his hospital stay, his journey to recovery continued at Riverside, where he worked with a team of providers over six weeks to regain health.

James chose our center for short-term rehabilitation because his family was told, “Riverside is the best.”

He credits his recovery at Riverside to his Physical/Occupational Therapy Team, including Tess, Tim, Ketan, Shelby, and Bridget as well as Speech Therapist, Carrie. His rehab experience was very positive. He learned it was literally “one step at a time.” Additionally, James is grateful for the outstanding care he received from his CNA’s Karen and Annie.

James recalls how difficult it was to be apart from his wife and daughters for such a long period. To help, Scott Emmons, Director of Recreation, would video his progress and share it with his family.

The day James discharged from Riverside was a triumph. “One step at a time,” James had dramatically improved his vitality and strength.

Now at home, James is doing very well and walking without any assistance. He is also able to walk-up stairs and drives! “I am very thankful for the care I received at the hospital and Riverside.”