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Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center, a dedicated COVID-19 Recovery Facility, successfully discharge 138 patients


Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center, a dedicated COVID-19 Recovery Facility (CRF), offers a path to recovery for patients with lingering coronavirus complications post-hospital discharge. Designated a CRF by the Connecticut Department of Health, the Center has access to higher levels of resources and services to treat patients and ensure continued safety. The Center began admitting COVID-19 patients in May and is accepting new admissions.

“Our teams have worked tirelessly to solidify a comprehensive COVID-19 recovery unit,” said Lucia Dike, director of nursing services at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center. “Since May, we have successfully recovered 138 patients and celebrated their safe return home. We are prepared to help those in our community diagnosed with COVID-19 recover in a safe, clinically advanced environment.”

Amid a resurgence in COVID-19 cases nationwide, the Center is better positioned to provide continued medical support to patients with increased needs. Since the onset of the virus, Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center has enhanced its safety measures, doubled down on training, gaining significant experience in treatment protocols, and stockpiled sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE).

“We are honored to be in a position to provide care for COVID-19 patients during this challenging time,” said Karen Chadderton, administrator at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation. “Seeing patients recover and successfully discharge home has been and will remain our goal. I am very proud of our team for their unwavering dedication to caring for medically compromised patients.”

Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center provides a range of specialized services and personalized care programs, including clinical care, physical, occupational and speech therapies, social services, and recreational therapy. For more information, visit