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Following lung surgery or a lung-related hospitalization, individuals often need additional subacute inpatient care at a skilled nursing center to help them heal so they can safely return home. The Advanced Pulmonary Program at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center, an affiliate of National Health Care Associates Inc., in East Hartford, CT, helps those in need of dedicated pulmonary care.

The program is an expansion of its industry-leading Pulmonary Passport Rehabilitation Program.  The Advanced Pulmonary Program offers a wider scope of services and care for the community it serves, and treats conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, neurologic respiratory diseases. Riverside also offers a reconditioning program for individuals experiencing long-term effects from COVID, which centers on strengthening areas of weakness to help recondition patients back to better health.

“We partner with health systems and providers to determine which clinical pathways and capabilities their patients need,” said Christina Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer, National Health Care Associates, Inc. “The Advanced Pulmonary Program centers around these needs so residents receive the right care during their stay at the center and are prepared to continue care management at home.”

The program’s multi-disciplinary team includes a pulmonologist, respiratory therapists, a pulmonary physician assistant, and others. The team works together with residents and their families to determine the rehabilitation needs and goals. A standout feature of the program is that respiratory coverage is available seven days a week.

Pulmonary Critical Care specialist, Raj Parikh, MD, MPH, leads the pulmonary care team at Riverside Center. “Our Advanced Pulmonary Program incorporates specialized approaches to respiratory care including treatments, exercises and nationally recognized educational tools,” said Dr. Parikh.  “We use the most advanced treatments including the safe use of oxygen and weaning, nighttime pulse oximetry monitoring, use high frequency chest wall oscillation vests for airway clearance therapy, arterial blood gas testing to determine lung oxygen flow, 22-hour portable Trilogy ventilators to assist with breathing and oscillating PEP therapy to remove secretions from the lungs. We are equipped and ready to handle all of our residents’ pulmonary needs.”

Specialized approaches in care include, Remodulin Therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension, tracheostomy tube management, pulse oximeter monitoring, medication management, sleep studies and the use of positive airway pressure (PAP) treatments for sleep apnea and paused breathing during sleep and more.

The Advanced Pulmonary Program at Riverside Center accepts admissions 24/7 and works closely with Medicare and most major insurances. To learn more about the program, visit

About Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center

Located in East Hartford CT, Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center is a 345-bed skilled nursing facility, certified and licensed by the state. The center features a 45-bed certified sub-acute unit for short-stay rehabilitation patients and a 300-bed long-term care unit for residents requiring continued care and services. The Center also offers an Advanced Pulmonary Care Program for those needing specialized pulmonary rehabilitative services.

About National Health Care Associates

National Health Care Associates (NHCA) is a network of affiliated skilled nursing, rehabilitation and assisted living centers throughout the northeast. NHCA’s 35-year legacy is grounded in its affiliate centers’ commitment to providing the highest quality of care, focusing on exceptional customer service and offering nurturing environments for patients, residents and their families.