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Rosemary Beaudoin – Administrator

Rosemary Beaudoin is the Administrator at Riverside Center. She has been with National Health Care Associates, Inc. for 23  years and has returned to Riverside Center, where she began her career. She has a background in social work, earned her Nursing Home Administrator License from The University of Connecticut, and also speaks Spanish.


Lucia Dike, RN, BSN – Director of Nursing 

Lucia Dike has worked in the skilled nursing industry for over 20 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise to our team. She enjoys being part of our residents’ care journey, and advocating for their families while working with the team to make advances in clinical excellence and quality care delivery.


Stephen Marucci – Director Of Rehab

Stephen Marucci, Director Of Rehab at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterStephen Marucci is often described as the charismatic gentleman who has the innate ability to walk in a room and make others feel comfortable. His commitment to care here is unmatched. From day one of working here, he’s treated our company as if it was his. Being someone that was once the regional director of rehab services (for 14 buildings), he thoroughly understands what it takes to make a company work, and we’re glad to have him here.

Maggie Roane – Director of Admissions & Marketing

Maggie Roane is one of our newest staff members, being that she’s only been here three years (which says a lot about our retention rate!). Growing up she was an athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and rugby, until she realized that she had a bigger purpose that involved helping people. She went to college for psychology, which originally led her to the field of social work. From there she eventually went into admissions, and then marketing. She possesses great interpersonal skills that stem from having such a big family and the fact that her mother was a caregiver. While her goal is to admit as many people as she can, she still very much cares about the services being provided to every resident on an individual basis. She is one of the many people who make this place great!\

Orlando Estrada – Director of Housekeeping

Although Orlando Estrada may appear very young, he’s been working here for 23 years. Ironically, 23 is a number that he’ll never forget because it serves as an intimation of his dedication to great customer service. 23 in fact, is also known to be Michael Jordan’s number, and when Orlando was a housekeeper at The Sheridan he had the opportunity to see Michael Jordan himself, but when presented with the choice between waiting for the basketball legend to appear or delivering a pillow to a customer’s room- he chose the customer. That’s just who he is. This is a guy who genuinely enjoys his job and the people lives’ who are improved by him doing so. Even though he loves the team he works with, the residents of Riverside are the people whom he owes all his hard work and ethics too.

Gina Kastrup – Director of Social Work

Initially, in 1996, Gina Kastrup was hired during someone’s maternity leave as a social worker for the Alzheimer’s unit. Through a peculiar turn of events though, she was rehired exactly a year later as a Social Worker for the dementia unit and Program Director for the Alzheimer’s unit. She stayed in these positions for 10 years, until she ultimately was offered the position she’s holds now.  During the time she worked as the Program Director though, she was also volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association and even ran a support group there. She’s someone who finds fulfillment in being able to support families through challenging times. A simple “Thank You” is all the motivation she needs to keep doing what she does.

Brendan Coburn, RDN, CDN – Director of Clinical Nutrition

Brendan Coburn became a dietitian in 2013, and began working in long-term care since 2018. He got into nutrition because of his love for food. He works alongside two clinical dietitians to assess the weight loss, wound care and/or tube feedings of residents at the center.  He loves connecting with residents and hearing their stories.



Scott Ginter – Director of Therapeutic Recreation and Memory Care

Scott Ginter has worked at Riverside for over 22 years. He began his career as the Recreation Therapist for our Spencer Unit working with people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia which is his specialty. He then became the Alzheimer’s Program Director and was able to share his experience and knowledge by educating other staff members. He works closely with the families as well and offers a monthly support group. In November of 2020, Scott became the director of Therapeutic Recreation Department and is proud to lead such a fantastic team. Scott is an artist, art instructor, piano player, and Reiki/vibrational healing practitioner. The residents of Riverside are his second family and making them smile is what he does best.

Brian Gudelski – Director of Maintenance

Brian’s first job in the healthcare industry started in the laundry department. It was in that position that he discovered that he loved interacting with elderly residents. He moved along the rankings to become a maintenance assistant to his current position as maintenance director. Brian ensures health, safety and fire regulations are followed because client well-being is his first and only priority. He is also a state mutual aid duty officer, where he coordinates with officials statewide in the event there is an emergency.