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Karen Chadderton – Administrator

Karen Chadderton, Administrator at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterKaren Chadderton isn’t your ordinary administrator. She likes to think of herself as a co-worker to the many staff members she oversees. To her, being autocratic isn’t a quality that works within a hardworking, cohesive organization.  Her personal philosophy is that “No one is more important than anyone else. Everyone has a job.” She’s an avid reader of self-help books and she’s just as dedicated about improving herself as she is her team. In her eyes, she couldn’t have asked for a better job. The fact that she can make a difference in someone’s life, regardless if they’re at the end of their lives or not gives her all the satisfaction she needs. As the oldest of 5 children, she has always understood the value of taking care of others, so much so that she originally chose to go into long-term care following college.  As she often says, “We’re not making widgets here, we’re dealing with people.”

Maggie Roane – Director of Admissions & Marketing

Maggie Roane, Director of Admissions & Marketing at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterMaggie Roane is one of our newest staff members, being that she’s only been here three years (which says a lot about our retention rate!). Growing up she was an athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and rugby, until she realized that she had a bigger purpose that involved helping people. She went to college for psychology, which originally led her to the field of social work. From there she eventually went into admissions, and then marketing. She possesses great interpersonal skills that stem from having such a big family and the fact that her mother was a caregiver. While her goal is to admit as many people as she can, she still very much cares about the services being provided to every resident on an individual basis. She is one of the many people who make this place great!

Lara Falt – Director Of Marketing

Lara Falt, Director Of Marketing at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterNational Health Care seems to have a habit of hiring people designed for the positions they fulfill. We can’t exactly pinpoint how we’ve gotten so fortunate over the years, but we’re lucky to have these individuals work for us. Laura Falt is a testament of this seemingly endless “luck”.  After completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Syracuse University in Speech Communications with a minor in Public Relations, Laura started her career in the hospitality and tourism industry in sales and marketing.  During this time, she attended Central Connecticut State University where she earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling. Twelve years ago, she transitioned her skills into healthcare to work for National Health Care, and she couldn’t be happier.  Laura loves being on the road and meeting with healthcare professionals, providing programs for older adults in the community, and hosting events at the center.  These days she finds herself very busy doing the marketing for the Riverside and Water’s Edge nursing homes.

Gina Kastrup – Director of Social Work

Gina Kastrup, Director of Social Work at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterInitially, in 1996, Gina Kastrup was hired during someone’s maternity leave as a social worker for the Alzheimer’s unit. Through a peculiar turn of events though, she was rehired exactly a year later as a Social Worker for the dementia unit and Program Director for the Alzheimer’s unit. She stayed in these positions for 10 years, until she ultimately was offered the position she’s holds now.  During the time she worked as the Program Director though, she was also volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association and even ran a support group there. She’s someone who finds fulfillment in being able to support families through challenging times. A simple “Thank You” is all the motivation she needs to keep doing what she does. Did I mention that she’s best friends with Audrey Carabeau, our director of clinical dietetics?

Scott Emmons – Director of Theraputic Recreation

Scott Emmons, Director of Theraputic Recreation at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterScott Emmons is simply a hardworking man. He’s the director of therapeutic recreation and volunteer services, founder of the better breather club, and is an adjunct professor at MCC teaching therapeutic recreation. Somehow, he manages to perform phenomenally here on the job, even with all this on his plate. If you ask him, this job has played a big part in his personal growth. As some one who was a shy child, this job forced him to communicate and interact- and ironically that’s been his favorite part of the job to this day. Scott has a bachelors degree in Park and Recreation from the University of Maine and is currently working on his Masters Degree.

Audrey Carabeau- Director of Clinical Dietetics

Audrey Carabeau, Director of Clinical Dietetics at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterIn a nutshell, Audrey Carabeau is responsible for nutritional care of every resident. Entailed in this position are two other clinical dietitians in which she oversees, and together they assess the weight loss, wound care, and/or tube feedings of every resident within the facility.  Although many of her co-workers have been working within their positions for over two decades, Audrey still manages to be one of the longest-standing employees here. Since June of 1987, she has proudly watched the center transform into what it is now. When it comes to her job though, what truly makes her the proudest is the low weight-loss rate of our residents. It’s a constant reminder to her that she’s in the right place.

Stephen Marucci – Director Of Rehab

Stephen Marucci, Director Of Rehab at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterStephen Marucci is often described as the charismatic gentleman who has the innate ability to walk in a room and make others feel comfortable. His commitment to care here is unmatched. From day one of working here, he’s treated our company as if it was his. Being someone that was once the regional director of rehab services (for 14 buildings), he thoroughly understands what it takes to make a company work, and we’re glad to have him here. 

Eddy Estep – Director of Plant Engineer

Eddy Estep, Director of Plant Engineer at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterSince the age of 14 he was working for Gaylord hospital as a custodian, and at 18 he became the Assistant Director of environmental services. He stayed there for 25 years before transferring to the New Britain General Hospital as the construction manager where he managed a 20M budget. He also worked at Apple Rehab as a consultant, and in the time he spent here he managed to standardize every one of their maintenance departments. As impressive as it is, he described these experiences as “boring” and stated that he just wanted something more demanding of him. Although Mr. Estep has worked many places before coming to Riverside, he truly feels as if he has found what he was looking for. Additionally, Mr. Estep is also a semi-professional pool player.

Orlando Estrada – Director of Housekeeping

Orlando Estrada, Director of Housekeeping at Riverside Health and Rehabilitation CenterAlthough Orlando Estrada may appear very young, he’s been working here for 23 years. Ironically, 23 is a number that he’ll never forget because it serves as an intimation of his dedication to great customer service. 23 in fact, is also known to be Michael Jordan’s number, and when Orlando was a housekeeper at The Sheridan he had the opportunity to see Michael Jordan himself, but when presented with the choice between waiting for the basketball legend to appear or delivering a pillow to a customer’s room- he chose the customer. That’s just who he is. This is a guy who genuinely enjoys his job and the people lives’ who are improved by him doing so. Even though he loves the team he works with, the residents of Riverside are the people whom he owes all his hard work and ethics too.